• Nowadays, the time we spend on the smart phones become longer.
  • In addition to the common using function of smart phone, it plays a important role in fashion field.
  • For example, many stars will take their diy iphone cases as one of their fashion items in street snaps.
  • We can see this , it highlights the elegant temperament of Nini and catches more attentions.

custom iphone cover

personalised iphone cover

Superstars also love to show their unique personality in phone case. Jiajingwen’s iphone case is like a toilet cleaner. You wouldn’t think it’s a phone case! How funny it is on casetify!Guanxiaotong also shows the picture of her daily work. We can easily find that a playful and naughty sentence on her iphone case: “A lady with beauty & talent”? She must have seen the video of Papi. Since this sentence is the fixed lines of Papi’s video.Through iphone cases, we can show a sense of humor or life attitude. We can express some sentences that we dare not to speak publicly. In this way, we can heartily unfold ourselves, to have a piece of our own sky.Sometimes, the dressing style we liked wouldn’t fit us very well, but we can be best of us in the personalised iphone cover. We see the special design of supermodes’ cases in fashion week more than once. These cases all wear beautiful clothes.


custom made iphone cover

Actually, their cases won’t be quite expensive as it looks. We can design our unique case through a . We can send the pictures or words to the cases maker, and choose the model of your phone. After payment, the maker will send the cases to you in few days.
So designing an iphone cases is not as difficult as you think. Just be yourself and choose the life style you most like.